Announcing Another Breaking Boxes E-VENT!

Eat * Explore Yourself * Leave Empowered

August 26th * 12:30-2:30  Geronimo Springs Museum * 211 Main Street *  Truth or Consequences

This E-Vent is about having healthy boundaries and saying NO!

Every person grows up in a different environment with different rules, treatment, standards, and experiences. What is “right” to one person isn’t necessarily “right” for another. Join me for some yummy dessert and learn how to protect what YOU know and what YOU think from what other people know and think!  This workshop is geared to help you create boundaries and develop communication skills that will help you get your needs met and set limits with others in a loving, respectful manner.  Workbook included–Because this is the first time I will be offering this E-Vent tickets are only $25.00! Take advantage of the discounted rate while it lasts!

E-Vent! Having Healthy Boundaries and Saying NO!!

***This is not therapy –but if you are interested in therapy, please contact the office at 575-297-4039