Coaching Clients

I stumbled upon Penni unexpectedly and I am so thankful I did! I have been suffering from anxiety and depression and she has helped me out tremendously. I don’t even know where to began to thank her for her services. She has been wonderful to work with and I look forward to more sessions with her.

–phone client 24 year old student

Recently, I have struggled with relationship, self esteem, eating disorder and substance abuse issues. I have gone to many counselors in the past. No one has provided me with the real life, usable tactics to deal with my issues as Penni has.

Her insight, candor and resources made am immediate impact on my ability to take positive actions and have self insight. Every day I use these methods to gauge where I am at and provide a compass for my behavior, relationships, and decisions.

–phone client 47 year old nurse

Chemical Dependency Counseling Clients

I began therapy with Penni a little over a year ago.  I was not seeking her services or help at all.  I was referred to her for counseling, which was required for me to continue receiving my mental health medication.

I am a 42 year old woman and have been involved in therapy off and mostly on since I was 13.  I had given up on real “help”.  Penni is a lovely young woman, and I thought….what could she know?

Therapy did not start easily.  Penni didn’t allow me to woo her with sad childhood trauma, or bouts of temper.  There was work to be done.  We had to rebuild my life, so I could live constructively now.

While I have had many diagnosis, the truth was that I had PTSD symptoms which I covered up with a whole lot of drinking.  I had an alcohol problem.

Penni did not label me, or direct me.  She guided me to see my own behavior and how I could choose to change.

Penni is very professional, which taught me a great deal about boundaries.  She is also very caring and nurturing.  During my times in session, for me, Penni was like a great friend.  The kind who will take the time  to ask, “Are you sure this is the best thing for you?  Are you getting the results you want?”

Penni has the knowledge, education, and experience to guide the conversation through the denial and excuses.  I was able to make many small changes that over time, changed my life.

I was recently released from therapy.   For the first time ever, it was not AMA.  I do not struggle with alcoholism any longer.   I do not need my prescriptions.  I am able to live a full, rich, happy life today.  I honestly use the tools that Penni taught me in order to deal with situations as they arise.

I am an asset to my family and community again.

This is not the kind of change that I have to “work at”.  This is more of a fundamental life change akin to a spiritual experience.  A complete self realization of sorts.

–42 year old student (client of over one year)

Individual Therapy

Penni has helped me through the most difficult experiences of my life. She points me in the right direction, offers sound suggestions. It is clear that she cares about me and believes in my strength.  I recommend her to anyone seeking counseling.

–45 year old Ph.D (Client of 3+ years)