How I Can Help You


How I Can Help You

Whether you chose coaching or therapy, I will be using Cognitive Behavioral strategies as well as Strength Based techniques and tools I have developed to help you:

Manage Anxiety and Depression
Learn Who You Are and What You Want
Set Boundaries with Others
Learn How to Build a Healthy Support System
Say No to Others
Communicate Better and Get Your Needs Met
Have Healthier and Happier Relationships
Have Realistic Expectations of Those Around You
Regulate Reactivity
Regulate Negative Thoughts

I help you by:

Developing Plans for Stressful Situations
Providing You with Honest Feedback
Providing You with Information/Feedback About Your Thought Process
Finding the Source of Negative Messages/Automatic Thoughts
Re-framing Situations/Changing Negative Thought Patterns
Looking For Evidence To Support/Refute Beliefs
Developing Scaling Tools to Regulate Emotions and Thoughts
Teaching You Accountability and Ownership for Your Words, Actions and Reactions

If you are interested in learning more, call the office to set up an appointment 575-297-4039!