Charlie Cat the Office Cat

Charlie Cat is a feral cat that showed up a little over a year ago with a couple other buddies but he was veeeeeery skittish and wouldn’t let me touch him.


Over time, he came around and eventually got in my lap during one of my outdoor sessions.

Then one day one of my little ones noticed he had a wound on his side.  He had been in a fight and had an infected abscess that ruptured. I took him in and he’s been the office cat every since.

He is still pretty feral so he will probably run off when you approach but sometimes he pops in the office to say hello….


First line of business was knocking down the mirror that used to hang on the wall…

Notice I say “used to”


Now he is happy and healthy and can usually found in the front yard prowling and monitoring turtles


He also enjoys hanging out inside where he lives a pretty spoiled life!