Individual & Family Therapy

Individual & Family Therapy Services

I like to practice therapy using cognitive behavioral techniques. Using this theory as a framework, I help you learn to monitor and re-frame the thoughts that are causing you distress.

Because thoughts cause feelings, changing your thoughts can have a huge impact on the way you feel and react to your environment.  By helping you think differently, and teaching you to challenge your thoughts with evidence, triggers begin to lose their power and you are better able to function.


I also offer couples therapy, family therapy, and substance abuse/dependency counseling.

I have seen many of my clients benefit from re-framing and cognition changes.

Therapy sessions are performed in the office as face to face visits.

Your insurance may or may not cover these services.  Self-Pay rate available.

Currently I accept all Centennial Medicaid except United

I also accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Presbyterian Commercial Plans.

Set up an appointment or call 575.297.4039 for assistance.